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Dec 8, 2013 1:05pm EST
color and workers with less education. and that's not particularly surprising because these are the workers who, even in a robust economy, experience the greatest difficult in getting jobs in the first place for a variety of reasons including discrimination. the very fact of long-term unemployment is affecting these workers' ability to get new jobs. i know many of you are co-sponsors on legislation that would prohibit discrimination against the long-term unemployed which is certainly a measure we would also encourage you to take up as soon as you can. but today's focus is obviously on extending the benefits. finally, i want to stress again the importance of renewing the program, not just because of the workers who will be affected, and you will hear from them, but for the economy overall, for the labor market overall and for our society overall. as congressman levin again pointed out this morning, we know that unemployment insurance is one of the most effective economic stimuli that we have. cbo said if the program is renewed, it could account for as much as .3% in gdp growth next y
Dec 8, 2013 2:40pm EST
, often the children have very little education. they have no money because their resources are essentially dollars a week. unless their family are mum errors of the church. they may not have drivers licenses or passports and many of them are stationed in the headquarters in this desert in southern california, 500-acre compound surrounded by high fences with razor wire and motion detect errors and guard. supposedly to keep people from breaking into the compound. but it also effectively keeps the people they are confined. around different places in the world, where scientology has a president, they are what are called rehabilitation project force is. they are reeducation camps for people that have strayed in their thinking or their behavior, who are in the theater. at the headquarters, they are wary of one point to double wide trailers buried together to make an office suite. in 2006, david vaskevitch took all the furniture out of their and he began complaining his upper-level executives, the top people in the church so that they would go through this criticism from the self-crit
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2